De compra para tus piernas según el NYT

Posted by Guapóloga On 11:12
Por Simone

Hace unos días me encontré este artículo en el suplemento "The Moment" de The New York Times y me hizo muy feliz encontrar datos tan específicos del tipo de sandalia de temporada que le conviene a cada mujer según su longitud pernil (oséase, largo de pierna), de modo que le ayude a verse mejor y no el terrible efecto visual de verse cortada a la altura de los tobillos.
Les dejo el principio del artículo y el link para que vean las fotos clarificadoras. ¡Que disfruten!
"A few weeks ago when the weather started to get warmer, I was finally inspired to buy a pair of summer sandals. I had long been dreaming of gladiator style sandals with a slight wedge, but when I tried them on I was instantly turned off because they made my legs look shorter than they already are. I came back to the office and spoke to my co-workers who say they have similar problems with sandals. Not all sandals are the same and they certainly don’t fit everyone the same way.
Women with long, slender legs can get away with just about any style, while women like myself who are 5-foot-3 and have a longer torso but relatively short legs have to be more strategic. Together with my co-workers, one of whom has long legs and thin ankles and the other who is somewhat petite with shorter legs and muscular calves, I tried out a variety of summer sandals and came up with a few great options for each leg type."
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4 Responses to 'De compra para tus piernas según el NYT'

  1. THIS IS FASHION said...'> 22 de mayo de 2009, 15:34




  2. Dreamer Ed said...'> 22 de mayo de 2009, 23:39

    esos tips son muuuy utiles...y a veces cuesta darse cuenta d esas caracteristicas

    besos!!! :]


  3. JuliaFuentez said...'> 23 de mayo de 2009, 17:54

    muy util, gracias por el post :)


  4. Botica Pop said...'> 25 de mayo de 2009, 11:46

    pues me voy pa'lla.



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